No other state is as self-aware as Texas. No other area of the US claims such a strong sense of identity as does Texas. No other place holds dear its own myths. You never need ask someone if he’s from Texas. If he is, you’ll know right away; if he isn’t—don’t embarrass him.

No other city is as self-expressive as Austin. Each Texas town is pure Texan in its own way, but only the Capital offers such a mix of history, weirdness, art, culture, and music.

No other guide can claim anything close to the depth of knowledge and pure passion for this place.
Howie Richey, widely known as “The Texas Back Roads Scholar,” explains to you all unusual aspects of life in this creative city from a 40-year perspective. You’ll learn more in one day from the Texpert than in a month on your own. Howie is a founding member and past president of the Austin Tour Guide Association, a public speaker, radio personality, teacher, party planner, disc jockey, geographer, woodworker, hiker, camper, and punster. He’s here to tell ya! Resume Excellent article

No other tour
offers you so much
fun and flexibility. Every excursion feels more like a celebration than just a ride. You get all your questions answered, even those you didn’t know to ask.

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